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ICP | Brunton Central is an elegant, majestic and sustainable commercial building located in the heart of central Bengaluru’s upscale retail and affluent residential neighborhood. The building’s sophisticated and carefully planned design harmoniously combines elegance with state-of-the-art functionality, providing an exceptional user experience.

Architecture & Design

Designed by Matthew and Ghosh, ICP | Brunton Central has a unique interactive design to meet the needs of today’s agile and adaptive businesses. With a high-end finished aluminium fluted perforated facade, the building showcases a stunning and attention-grabbing feature that adds to its overall aesthetic appeal. The intricate design of the perforations not only enhances the building’s visual charm but also allows for a play of light and shadow, creating a captivating effect for those entering the premises.

The exquisite detail of the bright aluminium glazed windows further accentuates the sophisticated and luxurious ambiance of the building.


Situated on Brunton Road in the bustling heart of central Bengaluru, ICP | Brunton Central is nestled within an esteemed and exclusive neighborhood. The surrounding area boasts a thriving network of retail, leisure, education, and hospitality developments, making it a coveted location. ICP | Brunton Central enjoys proximity to the vibrant MG Road and is conveniently located within walking distance of Trinity metro station, ensuring excellent accessibility for tenants, visitors, and commuters alike.