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A Blend of Responsive Design and Modern Functionality

Standing tall next to the city’s elite landmarks, 800 Jubilee Hills is one of the most premium commercial centers of Hyderabad. Designed by the Flying Elephants Studio, the building’s unique design and innovative architecture has earned the LEEDS Gold Certification from IGBC, and is recognized as a niche, high-street office address in the city.

Architecture & Design

With plush interiors, a landscaped courtyard on the third floor, and a bold elevation of exposed concrete and glass, 800 Jubilee certainly makes a strong design statement. Ample parking in double-level basements, advanced safety systems, and sustainable processes align the building in perfect sync with the area’s vibrant environment.


Set in the economic hub of Hyderabad, amidst the lush, upscale landscape, Jubilee 800 is surrounded by luxury hotels, retail stores, exclusive showrooms, corporate offices, financial institutions, and wellness centers, including Daspalla Hotel, Our Nest Banjara, Ebony Boutique Hotel, Mango Suites – Viera, Jalagam Vengal Rao Park, Lamakaan Cultural Center and Kalakriti Art Gallery.