Our experiential learning as property owners helps us foresee tenant needs, and our expertise in being property managers enables us to deliver a superior experience to our tenants. ICP’s dedicated Facilities Management Services team combines unique perspectives and in-depth knowledge, to provide best-in class solutions.

Technical Services

We believe in reimagining engineering with the use of customized technology tools, built to enhance our dedicated services.

Infrastructure Maintenance Services

We offer end-to-end hard services such as plumbing, electrical maintenance, utility area maintenance, BMS maintenance, fire detection, alarm and protection system services with the right mix of trained manpower, quality machinery and customized technology tools.

Business Support Services

Going beyond the basics, we provide you with 24×7 electronic security surveillance systems, 2-step security process, and parking management with regular security audits. We also conduct frequent emergency mock drills for fire safety, unauthorized intrusion and medical exigencies.

Security Services

With an intention to support your growth journey, our customer-focused team of executives offer a range of support services such as managing visitors, generating visitor cards, maintaining feedback, and providing helpdesk and concierge services. We also offer housekeeping services, including janitorial services, façade cleaning and maintenance of landscaping and common areas.