For more than 75 years, before social obligations for an organization were mandated by the government, ICP has been committed to fostering innovative ideas, contributing and promoting healthy economies and enabling social progress in our country, even before CSR was a mandate for organisations.

Our belief of sustainable development comes from empowerment of our country’s greatest resource – its people.

Corporate Social Responsibility

With a vision to empower communities and drive progress, the philanthropic arm of The KCT Group is one of the country’s oldest conglomerates with diversified business interests. KCT Group CSR has worked towards the needs of larger stakeholder communities, as well as the environment it operates in, by promoting inclusive growth which is holistic, sustainable and socially uplifting.

CSR Initiatives

CSR isn’t just a programme for us. It’s what we do every day for the society. Through these initiatives, we aim to build stronger, sustainable and self-reliant communities and contribute towards the overall development of a more humane independent society.

Kashvi Learning Centre

Kashvi Learning Centre was found to ensure that girls between the ages of 14-24 years have their right to education irrespective of age, income level or geographic location.

While it is a known fact that girls – specifically from rural and low-income groups in India – have a much higher dropout rate from schools as compared to the boys. The Kashvi Learning Centre focus on enabling such girls to empower themselves with education and attain a stronger sense of identity, agency and professional competence.

IMT Scholarship & Research Awareness

The Inder Mohan Thapar Scholarship & Research Award provides scholarships to students and mentors conducting cutting edge research across various STEM subjects. The IMT Scholarship and Research Awards was established in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Technology-Indian School of Mines (IIT-ISM) in 2017.

Every year, six awards are conferred on students and mentors who are dedicating all of their efforts towards research that can contribute towards pertinent real-world problems using science and technology.

KCT Group Art Awards

Our commitment to Art and its related field education in India, resulted in a partnership between the KCT Group Trust and The Sculpture Park at the Madhavendra Palace, to create student arts award in Jaipur, one of India’s leading art and design hubs.

As our commitment to nurture and support the art system in the country, these awards aim to highlight emerging young talent in Rajasthan while encouraging young adults to follow their passion and make a career out of being an artist.

Indian Track Foundation

With an aim to find and nurture talented children from the most inaccessible parts of India, the Indian Track Awards was started to enable them to have a future in professional and competitive athletics.

These children belong to financially-deprived spaces, are often not educated, nourished or trained. We provide them with the required training, support and infrastructure to enable them to make the best of their natural talent and flourish further.


The Community Development Centre for Learning Livelihood and Research (CDC-LLR) Laboratory is one of KCT Group’s flagship CSR initiatives which facilitates community development through research, technical information, and providing quality testing at subsidized costs to promote responsible and sustainable aquaculture.

We strongly believe that true sustainable growth and development comes from providing people with the right education, equal opportunity and the means to build self-reliant communities.

Wildlife Conservation Trust

We are deeply committed to protecting environmental equilibrium, and a very important part of that is wildlife conservation.

Our collaboration with the Wildlife Conservation Trust is to develop multiple projects that help manage the conflict between humans and wildlife in villages within the forest ranges and are focused on enabling better forest and human health.


We embrace our position as the industry pioneers to exemplify highest environmental standards and act towards reducing our environmental footprint. We invest in driving sustainability across all our operations through modern and innovative processes.

Majority of our recent assets are recognised with Platinum and Pre-certified Gold LEED Ratings.